Okanagan Fresh Fall


Flamboyant and frivolous, sweet and savory - fall is Mother Nature's Golden Child. In a brilliant show of reds and umbers it weaves its way through orchards, farms and vineyards heralding the arrival of harvest.

Filled with earthly pleasures, it arrives in a rhapsody of sensations that linger long after the interlude has passed. The rogue darling of the calendar year, autumn is delightfully extravagant, wholly unpredictable and extraordinarily ambitious.

As the days become shorter and the moon hangs low and large on the horizon, towering sunflowers relent to the weight of their bounty. Pumpkins prepare to become jack-o'-lanterns, as colourful squash and autumn apples evoke visions of Thanksgiving feasts punctuated by the spicy aroma of mulled wine, sweet potato pie and the breaking of fresh bread.


Autumn is a season of anticipation and fruition, a time to dust off the cookbooks and earmark new favourite recipes for your next culinary adventure.


Comfortable and casual, the crisp months of autumn remind us that faded blue jeans, well-loved tees and vintage hats are easy and patient companions. In and of itself, fall is an ode to simpler times when Fleetwood Mac gave life to "Tusk" and the rhythmic harmony of waves rolling onto an empty beach washed us clean.

britt 1.png

Autumn in the Okanagan is an extended and magnificent masterpiece - a juxtaposition of leather and lace, melancholy mornings and resplendent nights. It's a season made for fisherman knit sweaters, bonfires and storytelling - perfect for mid-morning paddles and afternoon walks, but mostly - it is time to give thanks for life's many blessings.

View responsibly, share recklessly - believe in the comforts of a world well-shared.

Yvette Rasmussen