A Traveler's Tale

An enlightened soul wanders freely through life, treading softly on the egos and hearts of humanity. Through our wandering we find ourselves, and once found - we realize we were never lost.
— YR

I’m not sure when I first embraced my inner vagabond, but I know that I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of travel. Like all travelers I have my bucket list of destinations, but unlike most there’s no particular order in which it needs to be filled. What I’ve come to realize is this – a bucket is just a bucket and whether it’s half empty or half full is not that important; what’s important is what it’s filled with.

I choose to fill mine with experiences, memories and friends gathered at every stop on my journey, and I like to stop often.  Traveling “vagabond” means you’ll find me off the beaten path savouring my experiences in the slow lane where serendipitous moments have plenty of opportunity to catch me.

To explore we must be curious, we must seek to learn, to experience and to challenge all that we think we know in pursuit of appreciating all that we do not.
— YR

I love happenstance and adore an unexpected adventure – which means every day spent exploring is a day well spent. I don’t need to go fancy; in fact I like to keep it simple, preferring to live like a local - feeling the pulse of the land, its nuances and most simple pleasures. Where to PLAY, SIP, EAT and wander isn’t always obvious for those who choose to vagabond off the beaten path.

It took a long time for me to understand that those who travel have a responsibility to share their stories. Much like the hobos of old left markings directing other hobos to safe shelter, hearty food and friendly passage - it’s our stories and photos that share the wonders of the world with modern-day vagabonds.

It’s the footprints we leave today that set the foundation upon which the lore and legends of tomorrow will be based - so it’s important that we write them well and share them boldly. Understanding this was the inspiration for creating Okanagan Valley Vagabonds – a travel site based on the stories, images and experiences of the Okanagan and its many purveyors of goodness.

The beauty of travel is captured in the memories we make and the stories we gather along the way. When we weave our memories into a shared story we create common ground known as the legend of the people, the history of the land.
— YR

Our history and culture is rich, diverse and bountiful. Our First Nations people lived harmoniously within the natural abundance of the valley, traveling the endless chain of lakes and mountain ranges – today they’re an influential community protecting the vitality and natural wonder of the Okanagan for future generations.

Pioneering immigrants planted fertile soils with fruit and vegetables, slowly transitioning the finest terroir to vineyards that rise up from the lakes as they reach for the bright Okanagan sun. The valley’s filled with goodness, from our celebrated chefs amassing culinary kudos for their farm-to-table fare, to our winemakers producing award-winning varietals, the valley also plays host to many of the world’s finest cideries, meaderies and, of course, crafty breweries.

The valley abounds with goodness. From yoga on the beach to bike rides through the vineyards, it’s truly a destination that allows one to soar, unleash their inner vagabond and experience life the way Mother Nature intended! With abandon.
— YR

Increasingly recognized as an international destination that’s never out of season, or budget, there’s a lot of traffic flowing up and down the Highway to Heaven (Route 97), especially in the summer months. That’s why it’s good to know when and where to get off, park the car and enjoy the vibe of the land, and the people who call the valley home.

As bonified Vagabonds, we’re here to show you how to experience the valley like a local, which is good for the soul and those who strive to create the best experiences, food and beverage in a harmonious relationship with the land, and each other.

Okanagan Valley Vagabonds is a tribute site filled with valuable tips, local legends and sensational un-secrets that make the valley experience accessible for anyone with a vagabond’s soul.  So, if you’re feeling our vibe, and want to slowly savour our goodness, then join the tribe and help write our story!


View responsibly, share recklessly.


Kylie Woods