Pentage Winery


Last winter we followed the escapades of Scout, the curious elf of Pentage Wineries, as he adventured through the cellar and vineyards of his Okanagan home.  Entertained by his escapades, we made a vagabond south to see where the little mischief maker found his inspiration - we were impressed and likewise inspired by what we discovered! 

Soaring above Skaha Lake on 23 splendid acres, Pentage Winery boasts a unique view of both Skaha and Okanagan Lakes. When Paul Gardner & Julie Rennie discovered the property in 1996 it was a long abandoned orchard waiting to be reimagined as a boutique vineyard. Well today it is that, plus so much more.

A unique geographic faultline created a cavern that became the wineries 5,000 square foot natural granite cellar, worth checking out in and of itself. Carved into the mountainside by years of erosion and a little man-made help from Paul, the climate and conditions of the cellar are naturally controlled and perfect for aging the exquisitely crafted wines available in the on-site tasting room. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

The winery is open seasonally for good reason, the road in and out of the property is it's own long and winding adventure. If you are wanting to purchase wine in the off-season you can call to arrange pick-up, conditions permitting. Pentage wines are not sold in government liquor stores so be sure to stock up when you're in Penticton.