Nagging Doubt

Nagging Doubt artisanal wines bear handcrafted labels chalked by  Dana Tanamachi

Nagging Doubt artisanal wines bear handcrafted labels chalked by Dana Tanamachi

A short vagabond off the beaten track onto the back roads of southeast Kelowna brings you to Nagging Doubt, a small batch winery and one of the Okanagan’s best kept secrets. This sun-drenched treasure is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered but not randomly; you must book an appointment to taste their hand-crafted artisanal wines or risk forfeiting the pleasure. So set your GPS for a country cruise through rich agricultural lands that offer more than a passing glimpse of the orchards and farmers who call this valley home.

Situated on a modest parcel of land, the winery basks in its simplicity reserving the big wow moment for the wine. The passion-child of winemaker Rob Westbury, whose carefully handcrafted creations are organically grown and produced in small batch lots; Rob hosts the most intimate tours and tastings but be informed, his wines sell out quickly! So - if you love it, and you will, scoop it up to avoid nagging doubts about the one that got away.

I was treated to an informative tour and tasting with Rob and Clover, the vineyard rescue dog. Expert at keeping rodents at bay, she is not quite so brave with the bears that occasionally wander down from the surrounding hills. The home vineyard grows three varietals of grape - Chardonnay, Siegerrebe and Pinot Noir; their bigger red varietals herald from the southern Valley.

A sustainable vineyard, relying on Mother Nature and intimate knowledge of the property to maintain balance, there is nothing about this farming practice I didn’t love. From the wasps and bees that inevitably buzz about to the robin’s nest tucked inside a mature vine, the wine reflects the honest characteristics of the terroir that molds it’s essence. Volcanic soil and careful tending of the land and it’s bounty provide a ripe canvas for Rob to create, and create he does .

Without a doubt, Nagging Doubt is our new favorite stop for an intriguing bottle of honest wine. We’re pretty smitten with The Pull and Pinot Noir but equally enjoy their flirty whites to beat the mid-summers heat.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Check out our upcoming vlog on this hidden gem and be sure to indulge in a bottle of their 2015 Pinot Noir. You will be fascinated with the fruit forward example of this flirtatious suitor that offers up herbaceous hints of earthy secrets yet to be experienced.