Meadow Vista Honey Wines


We found our Bliss at Meadow Vista Honey Wines!  We're not kidding,  this is where we found our apple and cherry sparkling Bliss Wine - a new favourite summer drink of the Vagabonds. 

There are a few other summer indulgences we enjoy that include the occasional "honey" I love you kind of pampering. The kind that can only be sated by a delicate dessert style wine served on a warm Okanagan evening, Meadow Vista's Ostara does not disappoint.

Made with late harvest grapes and the perfect infusion of honey this special treat goes well with a dark sea-salted chocolate. To be honest, all of the award winning honey wines at this boutique winery are simply delightful - chocolate or not..


Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Meadow Vista is a contemporary honey winery that is quickly revitalizing the art of making mead. With the revitalization of honey-based wines comes a renewed awareness of the importance of the honey bee. Money raised through tasting fees at this winery are gifted to bee preservation. Now that's a sweet donation.