Dubh Glas Distillery


Just off Route 97 and slightly south of Vaseux Lake is where you'll find Dubh Glas Distillery, the newest addition to the South Okanagan Distillery Trail tasting rooms. You heard right, there's more than wine pouring in them there hills.

Down those desert trails you'll find free flowing spirits and a craft distilling movement on the rise. Roll that one over your palate, no we're not kidding, stop by and sample their feature sips straight-up, or in a cocktail -  however you roll the choice is yours.

The Dubh Glas mantra is: "We make high quality spirits at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must but always high quality spirits." Grant Stevely, Distiller AKA - Photo-bomb Stevely.

Well-water drawn from the depths of the property is the foundation upon which Dubh Glas spirits are built. Hand-crafted - using only the best methods for distilling, one can taste the layers and elegance of the Okanagan in every sip. All of the ingredients, including the passion and enthusiasm of Stevely, are locally sourced when possible and thoroughly enjoyed anywhere.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

We didn't expect to stop and couldn't give this Valley gem the attention it deserves but believe us when we say - it deserves attention. We'll be back for a bottle of Noteworthy Gin and Virgin Spirits, which is only available on-site. Bonus, if your vagabonding electric there are two recharging stations attached to the tasting room.