Ancient Hill Estate Winery

Ancient Hills

Our final destination in a local car rally, Ancient Hill Estate WInery, turned out to be the most delightful surprise of the day. We'd driven past directional signage on Route 97 countless times but never stopped to experience this hidden gem located adjacent to the Kelowna Airport.  During the rally we traveled to the winery along backroads, rambling through beautiful rural farmland before arriving at this French inspired gem.

A family affair, the vineyard exudes European charm in a whimsical garden setting. The old-world tasting-room transports you back to a time and place where sipping wine and breaking bread with ones neighbours was common place. We experienced a partial tasting and were impressed with the subtle characteristics of their whites and smooth yet feisty body of their rose, which we paired with our patio picnic. Their wines are well-priced and we brought a variety of bottles home including their flavourful red, Baco Noir. All of the grapes are grown, harvested and prepared on the property using Old-World techniques.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Pack your own picnic to enjoy on their welcoming patio. Pair your food with an Ancient Hill wine available by the bottle or glass - then enjoy a scenic view of the ancient hills of North Kelowna. This stop makes for a value-packed Vagabond experience. We suggest you take the back roads.