Therapy Vineyards and Guesthouse


Every one needs a little therapy now and then and a trip to Therapy Vineyards is sometimes just what the doctor ordered, Freud that is. This Naramata Bench winery has made quite the name for itself and it's no Freudian slip that it continues to grow and delight fans with it's clever marketing and stylized character. Boasting names the likes of Freudian Sip and Freud's Edo, their labels are an intricate part of a well-crafted experience.

Not to be denied is their amazing hospitality, memorable wine and thin-crusted pizza, and their fortified wine - which is amongst the best in the Valley. Rumour has it the guesthouse makes for a splendid get-away. 

Good friends book into their accommodation every September and suggest that it's well-worth checking out. We think we will.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Therapy typically has all of their wines open in their tasting room which means you can pick the five wines you want to sample. With a wine shop called Farmacy and their tongue in cheek approach to tasting this is a fabulously fun stop on the Bench.