Hidden Chapel Winery


We stumbled across Hidden Chapel Winery during a daytrip to Osoyoos. We'd actually come to self-pick cherries when the thermometer hit 38 degrees. Well that was a game changer and so was our stop at Hidden Chapel.

This little gem is steeped in whimsy and eco-sustainable practices that create a vibe you feel on arrival.

Every good winery has a tale to tell and this one is no different. With wines named Shotgun Wedding and Blushing Bride we'll let you ponder theirs.

The property is composed of one acre of gardens and three acres of vines which provide sacred habitat for a wealth of desert wildlife. It was in the gardens we discovered the hidden chapel.

The tasting room is cool and inviting, as are the wines. I was taken with every pour but particularly impressed with their reds.  We left with a bottle of Shotgun Wedding and Holy Smoke.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Hidden Chapel uses a thermal mass cellar to control the temperature of their wines. The structure merges into the landscape reinforcing the eco-friendly practices employed - which include using recycled bottles to present their wines.

More info at http://www.hiddenchapelwinery.com/


OliverYvette Rasmussen