Little Engine Wines

Photo Credit: Little Engine Wines

Photo Credit: Little Engine Wines

A new arrival to the Bench Little Engine Wines is one that’s guaranteed to get your engines revving. Scott Robinson, their respected winemaker, pursues low yield growing practices harvesting hand-picked fruit that is highly concentrated and bursting with flavour. Their wines are complex, bold and fruit forward representations of what a fine Okanagan wine should be.

Five years ago owners Steve and Nicole French made the vagabond from Calgary purchasing the coveted parcel of land with the vision of creating a world-class winery. Many were skeptical that a family of Albertans without a wine background could produce bold and beautiful wines but with determination and an amazing team behind them they did just that – hence the name of the winery, Little Engine.

Occupying some of the most picturesque land on the Bench the tasting room boasts simple lines that refuse to compete with the majestic vistas and vineyards that surround it making it a perfect choice for a featured vlog on “Get Local With Brittany”.  Check it out here or in person for an experience that won’t disappoint.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

A parcel of vineyard land purchased by the French family was home to a mature orchard. When it was transitioned to grapevines the old orchard trees were re-established to bear fruit in an alternate location – this makes Little Engine’s story all the more endearing to vagabonds like us.