Barrique & Java at Sparkling Hill Resort


A sparkling must see attraction for locals and travelers the most affordable way to enjoy the luxury of Sparkling Hills is with a visit to the Barrique & Java Bar.

A coffee stop by day and wine bar by night this is not your typical beverage stop. Serving a well brewed cup of java until late afternoon this gem transforms to a fabulous wine bar overlooking the waters of Okanagan Lake in the evening. Serving from a well-presented menu, make room for a light breakfast, or lunch if you’re arriving early or tasty tapas for evening visitors, this stop will serve to impress the most discrimination guest. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

This lake view diva is dressed to the tens so don’t be afraid to upscale your wardrobe so you won’t be outshone by the opulent display of Swarovski Crystals that adorn this valley gem.

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