Pulp Fiction Coffee House


Retro is an understatement when it comes to describing the style of this little coffee shop that defies definition. With its James Dean swagger and cool vintage vibe, it’s decked out like a diner with a self-serve counter and cozy tables nestled in corners, nooks and crannies that peer into the delightfully quirky Robbie’s Rare Books! This coffee-cum-book shop is where you’ll find booklovers, students and vagabonds working on their laptops alongside entrepreneurs romancing potential investors - all for the cost of a coffee.

The beverages are amazing but it’s really the ambiance, curiosities and books that are the main event. Max Sloan, owner and half of the dynamic duo that includes his CEO, Robbie (a stately Standard Poodle) create an atmosphere of Pulp Fiction in a time capsule that serves great cappuccino and rare reads.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

If you arrive with your K9 friend Pulp has a trendy street side patio that serves fresh bowls of water.

KelownaKylie Woods