Medici's Gelateria


Housed in an old church this Italian infused café is a hidden gem offering not only some of the most exquisite homemade gelato and sorbetto in the valley but also some of the finest expresso’s and artisan inspired coffees outside of Italy. Renowned for their flavour forward gelatos, this stop offers the perfect end to a day of wine tasting.  In fact, this stop offers the perfect snack, cool treat or rich authentic coffee at any time of the day.

Using locally sourced “super” fresh product that’s handcrafted into simply good food is a trademark of this delightful church cum café. The kitchen puts a valley spin on the menu with the servers accomplished at recommending Medici pairings that begin with a well-plated sandwich followed by a handcrafted sorbetto, all topped off with a beautifully bold expresso.

This purveyor of culinary trifectas in the valley town of Oliver will have you asking – “please sir can I have more”? 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

During the summer months we suggest you make a reservation as everyone in the valley’s singing the praises of this church housed café in Oliver.

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