Moon Curser Vineyards


Just off the beaten track, overlooking the desert landscape and shimmering blue hues of Osoyoos Lake lies Moon Curser vineyards. A hospitable gang, ring leaders Tempranillo and Carmenere charm passer-bys offering reprieve from the blazing sun and a tasting experience like no other. Unable to ignore their seductive charm we detoured east, intent on a brief interlude before heading to the epic Cascade Loop and sleepy little town of Wynthrop.

We never intended on picking up travel partners, or starting an affair, until meeting three seductive characters name of Tempranillo, Dolcetto and Carmenere.

Rumour had it these bad border boys were well-known around the parts for causing a commotion. We can tell you, night or day this border gang is in the news for packing some serious hardware – gold that is!

We left Moon Curser with a few companions in the trunk of the car. They travelled incognito, waiting until we arrived in Seattle to break out of their cramped confines. Tempranillo, the boldest of the boys insisting on being the first to party on the hotel rooftop. He was a hit with the crowd and that’s the last we saw of him! In the “Dead of Night” the last two border boys departed our company leaving only a trace of red wine lingering on our lips! [Sigh].

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

While we are red wine fans we also enjoy a great bottle of white, especially when paired with a hearty harvest feast. Moon Curser has am amazing Viogner that is no shrinking violet. Complex, seductive and sassy this local gem is a conversation starter in any crowd.
OsoyoosYvette Rasmussen