St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Winery


This European-inspired winery is one of the oldest in the Valley. Renowned for producing small batch wines crafted from 100% estate grown grapes, the vineyard prides itself in capturing the unique terroir of the North Okanagan in wines that are harvested and produced on-site. 

One of our favourite boutique wineries, this lakeside gem is a quaint family affair that’s mastered crafting old world wines with the clean, fruit-forward flavours found in bolder new world offerings. 

A charming winery offering majestic vistas of Okanagan Lake, this local gem is committed to practising sustainable farming methods that infuse their wines with local goodness that only mature with time.  If you want to experience true samplings of wines from the different regions of the Okanagan, this is one winery you’ll want to visit.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Tours are not accepted at St. Hubertus which keeps its footprint small, sustainable and intimate - so be prepared to make the trek yourself. It’s a lovely bike ride along lakeside.

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