Sleeping Giant Fruit Winery


This quaint fruit winery is one of our favourite stops on Bottleneck Drive. Offering up thirteen off-dry table wines and eight late-harvest style dessert wines the Giant uses only 100% BC grown fruit to create their portfolio.  A complimentary tasting will have you humming Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Cherry Wine” all day but if you’re not a cherry wine, or Neil Diamond fan don’t worry – there’s twelve other varietals and a huge selection of preserves, jams and syrups to indulge in. 

If you like martinis the team at Sleeping Giant recommends mixing two parts fruit wine to one part vodka and we agree – but us Vagabonds we’re also known to mix it half and half with soda and an abundance of fresh Valley fruits for a refreshing sangria inspired cooler. Cheers!

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

This is, hands down, the best place in the Valley to stop for ice cream. One scoop equals two and a half scoops of creamy delight selected from a huge variety of mouth-watering flavours. If you order it in a homemade waffle cone don’t plan on stopping for lunch!

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