Serendipity Winery


One of the first wineries we visited on Naramata Bench, Serendipity has a character and story that is simply serendipitous! We were fortunate to have encountered owner and host-extraordinaire Judy Kingston on that visit which saw us arriving to the winery late in the season, as well as late in the day.  Hobbling off the vineyard tractor with an air cast on one foot and rubber boot on the other she welcomed us to her humble tasting room, located behind a picturesque winery door and ceremoniously staged selection of oak barrels.

Some of the selections on her portfolio were sold out but that didn’t stop Judy from corking a bottle of reserve Pinot Noir for our sipping pleasure. Needless to say, we were smitten with Judy and the simple elegance of Serendipity and its acclaimed wines which are carefully grown with fewer plantings per acre. The plump goodness of the grapes is captured in their full-bodied character which deliver a juxtaposition of simplicity and complexity - all in the same sip. At the end of our visit, Judy invited us to join the team and locals for a movie in the vines which we unfortunately couldn’t attend but are sure, was epic.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Make sure to try their newest addition to the portfolio - Sparkling Truth, created by acclaimed winemaking newcomer and daughter Katie O’Kell, who’s proving that the grape never falls far from the vine!

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