Blasted Church Vineyard


This cool little gem’s a slight jaunt out of Okanagan Falls on the opposite side of the lake from Highway 97. Offering magnificent vistas of Skaha Lake, it’s a coveted location for large gatherings and weddings hosted in its magnificent poolside courtyard - but don’t assume a crowd is what’s required to enjoy an entertaining stop at Blasted Church.

 As their website says, “Drag your weary souls over to Blasted Church Vineyards for a heavenly wine experience. Park your attitude at the farmgate; this winery has no place for traditional wine stuffiness and gravitas.” And we couldn’t have said it better. They’re a local winery that makes delightful wine and OMG bubbly that deserves a spot at any table. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Make sure you listen to the story of the origins of this local winery and be sure to check out their clever labels guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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