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The Okanagan is a gathering spot for artists. From writers, who share the story of the valley, to crafters of culinary delights we are delighted to share a few of our favourites with you.

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Photo Credit Elaine Davidson

Photo Credit Elaine Davidson

Naramata Blend

Elaine davidson

Lavender harvesting with every bee in Naramata.

Harvesting lavender…those words together sound pretty idyllic. Even in the heat and smoke from Okanagan fires it is a pretty amazing way to spend a morning.,, read more at

Photo Credit Nobel Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Photo Credit Nobel Ridge Vineyard and Winery

BC Wine Trends

Julianne Parks

Noble Ridge Sparkles

When Nobel Ridge Vineyard and Winery won multiple awards for their premiere sparkling wine, I knew it was time to discover more about the winery. The Noble Ridge 2012 "The One" Sparkling the following awards... more at

Photo Credit Kristi Clarke

Photo Credit Kristi Clarke

Kelowna Collective

Kristi Clarke

The State of Okanagan Camping Culture

I remember as a kid standing in line to ride the roller coaster, then later to see some band or get into a new club but never did I ever think I would stand in line for a camping space...