Kettle Valley Steam Railway Great Train Robbery


The Kettle Valley Steam Railway offers many unique experiences, one of which is The Great Train Robbery. When we first came to the Valley we knew about the Kettle Valley Railway cycle from Penticton to Kelowna but we didn't know about the train tours. Sure we'd passed the sign in Summerland a few times, until the time we didn't pass - deciding to vagabond down to check it out. That's when we discovered it's best to book ahead. So we did!

We didn't have an open air car, which we would recommend booking as you have better views and more intimate interactions with the robbers than from the passenger cars.The scenery is spectacular, offering full valley views of Okanagan Lake, the rugged prairie terrain, towering Ponderosa Pines and of course -rows of Summerland vineyards beaconing you to stop in after your adventure.

The Great Train Robbery takes place on the only preserved and operating span of railway along the track. The antique steam engine hauls you high above the valley floor across the Trout Creek Bridge and through the canyon where yep, you're gonna be robbed. Make sure to have some spare change in your pockets as the Garnett Valley Gang like to hand over their hard earned cash to local charity.

Dinner's included with this tour and is really far more than we expected. A serve yourself BBQ offered up an abundance of savoury and sweet meats that included chicken and beef as well as a pretty good selection of salads and you called it, molasses baked beans. It's fair to say you're not going to leave hungry or disappointed - this is Valley fun at it's authentic best.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Whether booking your spot in the open or closed air passenger cars you'll want to request a seat on the left side of the train to maximize views of the valley and lake. If you're traveling in the heat of summer make sure to dress appropriately as it's gonna get hot, dusty and messy.