Caldwell Family Farm and Okanagan Feast of Fields


Some of the best EATS and SIPS in the Valley can be found at the Okanagan Feast of Fields, an annual gathering of culinary artists and local purveyors of all things Okanagan. The festival is a casual way to experience SIPS and EATS that tantalize your taste buds whetting your appetite for more. 

Specializing in small-bite portions, and delightful Amuse bouche appies, you will have the opportunity to experience culinary temptations and succulent SIPS in an open air setting. The host venue is different every year allowing organizers the opportunity to showcase local farms while provide guests an up-front and personal introduction tothe agricultural food process.

This years Feast was hosted by Caldwell Heritage Farm in Southeast Kelowna. Family owned and operated, the Warkentin's are outstanding examples of sustainable farmers. Preserving the authentic beauty of the land was paramount to this hard-working family and their dedication to creating a natural oasis has made this special farm a sought after wedding destination in Kelowna - as well as fabulous place to meet lovely Ladies in the Valley. Chickens that is!

The event is held in August and tickets sell-out. Be sure to visit the website and order yours in advance. Caldwell Heritage Farm is also open to the public during the summer months, please visit their website for details.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

What warms these Vagabonds hearts the most is that proceeds from the event go towards supporting sustainable farming practices in BC. Celebrating local food, Farm Folk - City Folk is a not-for-profit organization with a long history of helping farmers through the cultivation of innovative ideas.

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