Stuart Park All Seasons Skate Park

Photo Credit: Madeleine Fleming

Photo Credit: Madeleine Fleming

Best known for it’s spectacular winter skating Stuart Park boasts a fabulous all-season outdoor rink. During the winter skaters glide across the ice enjoying the temperate lakeside conditions and festive atmosphere of the park.  In the more moderate Okanagan months roller-blade enthusiasts lace up to partake in a skate beneath the steady gaze of the Kelowna Bear. The First Nations people say Kelowna means ‘mother grizzly bear,’ which is the inspiration behind this landmark sculpture lighting up the night sky and imagination of visitors.

During the day food trucks offer fresh fare from hot sandwiches to hot chocolate and tacos. Skate and helmet rentals are available at the rink, with a remote skate-sharpening truck on site most days.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

If you’re down by the Bear, look inside her to discover hidden objects that represent Kelowna. Images of other bears, fruit trees and the lake itself are worth checking out. The rink is open for skating between 6:00am and 11:00pm daily.