Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm


Pure living, pure experience and pure enjoyment is a way of life at Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm where everything is based around providing folks with an organic experience that’s of this earth – but out of this world. A trip to the farm will find you wiling the day away in the fragrant gardens, or at the ever-inviting and plentiful aromatherapy counter where you can sample some of their handcrafted offerings, or create your own.

The owners, and craftsmen, of the farm are deeply rooted in the valley and have formed a unique connection to the land, its tradition and of course its harvest, which in their case is lavender. Honouring the timeless balance of the land, their handcrafted treasures are created from spray-free herbs, native plants and essential oils, which makes us essentially happy.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

If you plan on spending time touring the gardens it’s important to know that there is a fee of $10 per adult, includes herbs and a recipe, and $5 for kids, which includes a scavenger hunt. Also, they harvest in July.