Cycling the Black Sage Bench

Photo credit: Heatstroke Wine Tours

Photo credit: Heatstroke Wine Tours

Renowned home of the big reds, Black Sage Bench is located just north of Osoyoos. This is the DIY tasters dream come true as you simply don’t have to drive to arrive. An easy bike trail heads out of north Osoyoos meandering along the canal to Black Sage Road, which runs the entire length of the bench. Make sure to have your basket firmly attached to your cycle, along with an extra-large water bottle to sustain you through the summer heat, and between tastings.

Heatstroke Cycle and Sport is a good place to rent a well-maintained vintage electric bike if you’re not afraid to splurge on the $99 per day price tag. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

We suggest you check out rental prices and availability upon arrival to determine whether you want the freedom to tour on your own or to book a paid tour, which is typically about double the cost of the bike rental but comes with AC and a guide.
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