Caravan Farm Theatre

Photo Credit: Caravan Farms Theatre

Photo Credit: Caravan Farms Theatre

For decades, a horse-drawn sleigh ride has brought a smile to faces of all ages, and when that ride leads to a live-theatre performance, those smiles grow considerably. Hailed as a local treasure, Caravan Farm Theatre is one of Canada’s premiere professional outdoor theatre companies, and has been entertaining audiences young and old, since 1978.  There is no theatre building – just the great outdoors. Productions are staged in every corner of the farm – from fields to the barn, you’ll find actors popping up everywhere.

Finding the venue, though, takes some attention to detail. Be sure to ask Suri, as you navigate the country roads by Armstrong. The shows range from classics like Shakespeare and Brecht, to original works like Horseplay and Cowboy King. As one can imagine, it’s not easy putting these productions together, so new shows come out with the changing seasons. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Bring a blanket, whether it’s winter or the middle of summer. The valley nights can be chilly!