Smith Creek Mountain Bike Trail


This trail is considered intermediate but has a fairly steep incline that can be a little challenging on the trek up, and down. The trail is single track, reaching an elevation of 664 feet which provides for some inspiring views of the canyon and West Kelowna.

It’s a well-travelled switchback that’s 24 km round trip, which takes an experienced intermediate rider a good two hours to complete. About 11 km up the trail are well displayed number markers that guide you along the main trail, but if you wander off, don’t worry  all roads lead back to the parking lot.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

There are some challenges on this trail that make it one of the most interesting in the valley but it’s also advisable to review the website for good technical information before mounting the bike. If you’re a more leisurely rider, there are loads of other trails that would better suit your style.
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