Paddle Board Kalamoir Park

Photo Credit: Brittany Mudry

Photo Credit: Brittany Mudry

This hidden gem is our home park and one of our favourite places to paddleboard in the valley. With close to 2 km of shoreline, there are plenty of opportunities to hit the beach for a dip or just to jump off your board into the refreshing waters of Okanagan Lake.  Heading south is downstream, which makes for a relatively easy paddle, whereas heading back upstream is slightly – well upstream but typically some of the calmest waters on the lake.

You can expect to see a natural shoreline and K9 swimmers jumping into the water to fetch a stick or floating ball. You’ll also see a lot of bird life alongside the park with hawks and eagles soaring above the lake, watching for fish to break the surface before diving majestically into the waters below.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Make sure to wear lots of water proof sunscreen and use your tether. We also recommend floating a water bottle as the cooling effect of being on the lake is deceptive and you could dehydrate.
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