Naramata Falls Hike

Photo Credit: Aaron Barry

Photo Credit: Aaron Barry

This is one of the most beautiful and refreshing hikes in the valley. It’s a pretty laid back vagabond to the falls up a narrow, dirt pathway that’s mostly shaded. The round trip to the falls takes a while, but there are numerous places to stop for a quick picnic, to dip your feet in a cool deep pool, or just to escape the desert heat.  Unlike many of the really scorching hikes in the southern valley, this one is very scenic, refreshing and uncomplicated. You’re criss-crossing a lively little creek that feeds an abundance of vegetation, local wildlife and yes birds – so be sure to bring your camera.

It’s a natural little gem that’s inviting to all level of hiker, and less crowded than some of the more advanced trails in the surrounding hills.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Make sure to visit the website for detailed instructions, as it’s easy to miss the signs. There is a small parking lot so don’t hog spaces as this is an attraction meant for sharing.