Forest Green Man Lavender


Located in the lovely Naramata Bench, this romantic stop is reminiscent of French lavender farms abloom with an abundance of aromatic lavender, herbs and magnificent valley vistas, the kind that tempt you to pull out your watercolours. In fact, this is exactly what owner and resident artist Karolina does when she’s not bundling or handcrafting her fragrant lavender into essential oils and an abundance of amazing products offered in their well-stocked gift shop.

Using only natural ingredients, their soaps, oils and creams provide a luxurious end to a day of hiking the trails or wine tasting rooms of the Bench. Be sure to visit the farm during June and July, before harvest.  It is an adventure back to simpler times when the nights were long and the living was easy.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

This hidden gem is just off the beaten path in the delightful town of Naramata. Visit the small art gallery adjacent to the gift shop, it's actually in the new barn - a short stroll through the lavender fields.

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