Climbing the Skaha Bluffs


The Skaha Bluffs are a vertically challenged playground that’s enticed climbers for over two billion years. Hundreds of climbing routes weave their way through the majestic tapestry, presenting as outcrops of horizontal ledges on steeply carved faces. The character of the rock is magnificent with steep, overhanging walls etched with monster holds and splitter cracks.  Climbing during the summer is hot but our amazing valley climate allows folks to climb early in spring and well into the fall, which adds changing views sure to impress the most seasoned of climbers.

Check out the following climbs to find the one that suits your style and level of expertise; Great White Wall, Doctors Wall, Red Tail, Fortress East Face and an endless potential of pristine walls that lure naturalists, hikers, trail runners and outdoor enthusiasts including bird watchers and photographers.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

We’re not letting any of our DIY Trips out of the bag, but just had to mention that Pentage Winery has its natural cellar carved deep into the caves of the bluffs. Visiting the Vineyard and sampling the wines is the perfect end to a day of Skaha adventures.
PentictonKylie Woods