Christie Falls Hikes


Well this one’s definitely an all-day excursion so pack accordingly – which in our books means proper hiking shoes, gloves, bathing suit, pepper spray (not for the picnic lunch) camera and picnic lunch – all in a light-weight backpack with water bottle.  There is some maneuvering and backroads required to get to this hike but it’s well worth the trouble as the scenery and falls alone are worth it. 

On your way to the falls you’ll pass through a partially burnt-out forest, which offers up some stellar shadowed photo ops.  We consider this hike to be intermediate until you arrive at the falls, at which point, depending on your level of experience, you can navigate your way down to the base of the falls for a quick shower and some cool vibes as you stand beneath them. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

There are also some very cool caves in the area, one of which is behind the falls, but as we mentioned – there is wildlife in the area and sometimes wildlife lives in caves. Just saying.
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