Carrot Mountain Bluffs

Photo Credit: Brittany Mudry

Photo Credit: Brittany Mudry

Well folks, this one can be a grind, especially if you’re out of shape or not an experienced hiker. Carrot Mountain is a steep and steady climb through very natural terrain that leads to a majestic view of West Kelowna and Shannon Lake with Okanagan Lake beckoning you in the distance. In the summer months it’s a well-used trail but still pack your pepper spray and be prepared to encounter wildlife.

There are several trails on Carrot Mountain but our advice, in this case, is to use the one most traveled. Follow it along the gully to the top where you’ll rest a bit while you take in the view and snap some noteworthy photos before taking the same trail back down. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Wear good hiking shoes, or runners, and expect to encounter slippery spots that may require you to use your hands or poles to prevent slipping.
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