Bertram Creek Regional Park

Photo Credit: Madeleine Fleming

Photo Credit: Madeleine Fleming

Bertram Creek is hands down a top Vagabond pick just off the beaten path. Close to eighteen acres of parkland open onto Okanagan Lake, providing an array of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. From bird watching, to hiking, water sports and everything between, this is a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike. 

A slice of paradise, the park offers: picnic tables, expanses of lush lawn, BBQ stands, an amphitheatre, playground, boat launch, sandy beach and washrooms. Natural walking paths wind their way through the park, tempting folks to wander about and stop at natural pause points to take in the view. This is where you’ll find local artists capturing the words and visions of the valley.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

This Vagabond Pick is accessible by land or water. You’ll see plenty of boats anchored off shore as boaters float back and both, enjoying the benefits of both.