Paddlewheel Park


If you love history, Paddlewheel Park is a must see, not to mention an excellent beach with lots of green space –make it an ideal spot for families. Over one hundred years ago, the Canadian Pacific Railway’s line ended here, taking locals and visitors to all points south on Okanagan Lake in Paddlewheel steamships - for which the park gets its name. Remnants of the moorings can still be found throughout the park.

The park has its own small museum in the Heritage Station House, where visitors can take a trip back in time through the early 20th century history lesson. Nowadays, it’s a full beach with kids’ playground, boat launch, tennis and basketball courts.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

If you didn’t pack enough lunch, walk over to the Outboard Pub and grab a snack on their patio, overlooking the scenic lake views.
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