Peach Orchard Beach


Lush green grass and big ole shade trees wafting gently in the breeze bring back postcard memories of times past. Yep, Peach Beach is the nostalgic stop for a swim in Summerland. There are a total of five beaches in this lakeside town but this curvaceous gem has just the right amount of slope to wade into the water at your leisure, plus there’s a boat launch to the north and fenced dog beach to the south which makes for good fun for the whole family.

A well-equipped playground, floating dock and waterpark, as well as fire pits are available in the park. Be sure to check that there isn’t a no fire ban in effect before lighting up.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Fire or no fire there are abundant picnic areas located throughout the park, along with volley ball courts and an over sized gazebo for those seeking a bit more shade.