Gordon Beggs Rotary Beach


Some of the best beaches in the Valley can be found just off Route 97 in the south Okanagan town of Summerland. Driving down the Highway it's not obvious where the beaches are, so watch for directional signs. One will send you to the Downtown core, the other lakeside, take the one that leads to the lake. It's a quick and scenic drive to the beaches and welcoming walkways that dot the shoreline.

There’s plenty of parking, picnic benches and walkways to adjoining beaches all within striking distance of a small tourist area that includes a pub. The Kiwana's Floating Dock, which is located within the park, will keep kids entertained for hours. We recommend bringing a cooler of refreshments and snacks along as this pristine and laid back Okanagan beach scene's sure to entice you to play the day away.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Arrive early to stake your claim. There is a boat launch, water park and marina in this area so expect lots of boats and water activity.