Diggin It - Mini

Diggin It - Mini


Making a stunning fashion statement, these sustainable market totes are a cherished Vagabond staple.

Easily transitioning from a trip to the market to transporting your favourite book and picnic essentials to the park, it is the chameleon of travel companions. Sold with a matching change purse and Okanagan Valley Vagabond custom logo and peace sign, each tote is one of a kind.


  • Bonded lining ensures extra strength capable of enduring heavy lifting

  • Made of dead stock fabric and recycled jean or canvas material

  • Each bag has a reinforced base and stands upright as you rummage

  • Mini totes are approximately 13”wide by 12” tall and 6” deep

  • One internal zippered pocket measuring 8 by 8” and two exterior pockets measuring 8 by 8 “

Introductory price $42.99 CAD plus shipping.

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