The New Black

The New Black


Larger than life market totes serve double duty as beach bags and have been seen masquerading as a fashionable diaper bag.

A versatile and accommodating travel companion that can hold your purse and shopping, or fold flat in your suitcase after a hard-working weekend getaway. These one-of-a -kind creations have a formed and footed base allowing them to stay upright and hold their form.

Each bag comes with a matching change purse and Vagabond logo with peace sign clip-on.


  • Bonded lining ensures extra strength capable of enduring heavy lifting

  • Made of dead stock fabric and recycled jean or canvas material

  • Each bag has a reinforced base and metal feet that provide extra stability

  • Market totes are approximately 19” wide by 15” tall and 7” deep

  • One internal zippered pocket measuring 8” by 8” and two exterior pockets measuring 8 by 8 “

Introductory price of tote $45.99 CAD plus tax and shipping.

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