Le St. James

Le St. James


Hush Kush Originals

Canadian crafted, these flexible pouches are ideal for collecting and storing sage, sweet grass (or other dried products). They are earth and eye friendly, and guaranteed to be the “bees-knees” for climate conscious containment.

A vital alternative to plastic, the pouches are biodegradable, waterproof and keep your product fresh. Shape adaptable and compact, the pouches have antibacterial components, have UV qualities, and are easily hand washed with a biodegradable dish soap. Protect and revitalize with organic coconut oil.


  •  Each pouch weighs 17 grams

  •  100% cotton exterior

  •  Interior, all-natural ingredients

  •  100% biodegradable

  •  Easily molded for your individual needs

  •  Created with bees-wax based Perma-B-Technology

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