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Tasty samplers courtesy of Salt and Brick

Tasty samplers courtesy of Salt and Brick

We'd been chatting with Okanagan Foodie Tours on Instagram and were recently invited to join their Bites on Bernard Tour. Self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, with a passion for leisurely loitering on Bernard, we gathered at the Okanagan Sails Sculpture to partake in tempting street-side servings of Okanagan fare, group therapy style.

There is nothing more bonding than casual conversation shared over a sweet and savoury sampling of carb-infused decadence. Paired with 10,000 scenic steps this indulgence seems almost healthy, and definitely worth the trek to Bliss Bakery, located just off Bernard. 

Soon to join it's siblings, in the EAT section of our site, is the newest addition to the RauDZ Creative Concepts family - Sunny's a modern diner.  Specializing in breakfast, lunch and brunch they serve locally sourced, wait for it, breakfast all day; with $2 coffee. Our tour sampled devilishly deep fried chicken on waffles.

Blogging, in no particular order, is Kelly O'Bryan's where we were treated to McCracken Rolls; heavenly bites of crab, shrimp and cream cheese stuffed into a perfectly fried egg roll. Served street-side we were the envy of passers-by who tried, without success, to muscle their way into the tasting. 

Talking about foodie muscle, The Munkey's Fist Bar and Grill is a late night force to be reckoned with. The tour provided my first rendezvous with the restaurant which served-up a delicious bowl of freshly steamed noodles. Specializing in gluten-free and vegan offerings this contemporary stop measures up to it's hype.

Momo Sushi, a hometown favorite known for it's freshly prepared and delicious Japanese cuisine served us street-side; their patio overflowing with lunch-time patrons enjoying the view. Child-friendly, Momo is our go to restaurant when we're in need of a sushi feast or have underage companions in tow.

The Bread Co. offered up a huge, sinfully moist slice of cranberry/orange loaf that could easily have been lunch on any other day, while the Grateful Fed slayed us with really amazing pub fare complemented by psychedelic décor and retro tunes including a vinyl rendition of, "Another Brick in the Wall". On the side, their cocktails were generously poured and refreshing.


The Salt and Brick was a tour highlight for us. We'd been planning to get over to check out their new digs and menu but it seemed every time we thought it would work, work got in the way. Amazing how that happens. Anyway, this was a great way for us to sample a bite from their new menu and take a peek at their renovated space.

Both were fabulous and one thing we know - their food is as contemporary and fresh as their rebrand which ironically boasts vintage inspired Victorian wallpaper offsetting a bright neon sign on the original brick wall. Quoting, yes, wait for it... Pink Floyd's, "Another Brick in the Wall"; we assure you they are not.

So thank you to the witty historian, foodie and tour owner Nancy Quinton – for inviting us to join her for two hours of action packed EATS and fun on Bernard.

More info at https://www.okanaganfoodietours.ca/

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Whether you're a local looking for new places to tantalize your tastebuds, or you're in town for a few days and want to get acquainted with the local Kelowna food scene Okanagan Foodie Tours offers a diverse selection of experiences at fair prices.