KARAT Chocolate Boutique


Karat Chocolate, love child of local pastry chef and chocolatier Julian Helman, is just off the beaten path but well worth the vagabond. Handcrafting the best-tasting chocolate on the planet, and we say this without bias - Julian strives to leave modest footprints while satisfying our most decadent cravings. Sourcing ingredients from local sustainable producers, Karat is creating an artisan chocolate culture steeped in goodness.

Each bar and chocolate is carefully handcrafted and wrapped with pride. Using only the highest quality chocolate and cacao beans nothing is compromised in creating and presenting the perfect offering.  

Whether you have a sweet tooth or simply respect an original work of art, Karat Chocolate will not disappoint which is why this decadent local delight is gaining international recognition while garnering an impressive resume of rave reviews.  

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Julian is a master at blending traditional and seasonal ingredients into colourful bursts of flavour meant to be savoured. If you can't make it to their cafe on Ellis, Karat Chocolates are available at many wineries and local shops in the Valley.
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