Okanagan Vinegar Brewery

Barrel-aged vinegar doesn't get any better then the artisanal offerings handcrafted by Alois Thurn, founder of Okanagan Vinegar Brewery. We stumbled on the Brewery during a vagabond of Bottleneck Drive in Summerland and were not expecting to find the impressive line-up of balsamic vinegars on display.

Everything from a 200ml Pinot Noir to a chocolate reduction was available for tasting. We started at the top end of the intensity scale with the barrel aged offerings working our way backwards to the reductions. Every single sampling was extraordinary but at the end of our visit we left with the Pinot, Apple Cider (for the health benefits), and several bottles of the chocolate reduction balsamic.

We use the vinegar in every decadent dish you could imagine. The Pinot Noir has been crafted into savory cocktails and the chocolate has drizzled waffles, port cakes and natural vanilla ice cream topped with fresh Okanagan cherries.

On our next visit we plan to pick up some other offerings which include; Cabernet, Merlot, Champagne Riesling, and sherry vinegars along with a delightful black cherry teaser.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

This quaint stop does not have a website so you will need to rely on the map and GPS to find it. If you can, carve out time to taste the winery offerings and check out the specialty salts, pottery and local condiments available for purchase.