Aujla Farm Market


Located on Route 97, this Valley gem is about 10 minutes south of Oliver on the left side of the highway. A family run farm and market, the prices are fair and the crops are freshly harvested.

A favourite with the locals, hospitality flows as freely as the tips on how to pick your own cherries, which apparently you can. You can also harvest some fresh vegetables during your visit so call ahead to see what's in season.

We were fortunate to have been taken on a quick tour of the orchard and roadside vineyard where Concord Grapes and Rainier Cherries grow the way Mother Nature intended. Canopies of well-groomed vines provide luscious shade while the stocky limbs of the cherry trees stretch towards the warm desert sun.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Sample the local vendor products offered for sale in the quaint little roadside market. Many are featured throughout the website if you want to check them out during your stop.