Blu Saffron Bistro


Blu Saffron Bistro offers uncomplicated dishes that rely on hand-selected local ingredients to build artistically plated meals. Served Bistro style, there's a distinctly Mediterranean feel and taste to the cuisine, which specializes in small plates best shared - tapa style. The easy atmosphere of the Bistro encourages diners to halve their burgers and  share charcuterie as they explore the plethora of flavours and selections available on the menu.

We've only been for lunch but enjoyed it immensely and are planning a trek to Volcanic Hills Winery to partake in a wine tasting and patio dinner at Blu Saffron, a perfect pairing. We've been told to start with the avocado prawn bruschetta served with a Volcanic Hills Pinot Gris before moving onto our entrée.

If you can, we encourage you to enjoy a taste of both food and wine during your stop. Fresh, flavourful and fair is the mantra of this dynamic duo.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

While you're waiting for your meal take a few moments to enjoy the artwork displayed throughout the Bistro. Local artist, Fiona Neil creates abstract art that is as fresh and flavourful as the food.