See Ya Later Ranch Patio Restaurant


Well off the beaten path, this is one of our favourite destinations for wine and patio eats. The quaint location of this valley gem led to a story of failed romance, K9 companions and tremendous winemaking. Be sure to cut enough time to listen to the saga, enjoy the spectacular views, and taste some bold wine and truly tasty eats. This also a pooch-friendly stop with room to roam.

The restaurant is nestled in the wineries original stone manor house, which also hosts a quaint tasting room, and wine offerings. Recently renovated the designers paid homage to the original bones of the home creating a space that exudes charm and hospitality. 

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

The food’s uncomplicated, fresh and seasonal – which means the winery is only open during good weather, usually between March and October when the trek to one of the highest vineyards in the valley is safest.

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