Kekuli Café and Coffee House - check map for new location!


Located in the heart of West Kelowna is the Kekuli Café, a trendy little stop heralded by roadside billboards assuring travelers not to panic because they've got bannock (a traditional bread and staple of First Nations people). The Kekuli Café serves authentic or gourmet versions of this tasty treat and features it in their mainstream menu offerings.

Their food is contemporary, which suits the modern décor and coffee house vibe of this hidden gem. 

We shared a servings of their BBQ chicken and chile tacos and settled on specialty coffees. The tacos were ample, delicious and freshly prepared for us, as were the beverages. We enjoying their Great Canadian Maple Latte's made with organic beans and you got it, Maple Syrup. Saskatoon berries also feature prominently in menu items including smoothies and milkshakes. The price is fair and daily specials abound so be sure to check the board and if you're in town for a bit, get the loyalty card.

Everything about the café is unpretentious including it's location in a strip mall across from Canadian Tire, just off Route 97.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

There's a little gift shop on-site that sells bundles of sweet grass. We love to burn sweetgrass letting it smolder as it cleanses our being. We suggest you give it a try and let us know what you think.