The Blind Angler


What can we say about this hidden gem other than it's a fabulous spot to stop for a SIP in Peachland. The Blind Angler exudes a vintage vibe - punctuated by it's postcard perfect lakeside location. 

We've never been seated inside the café preferring to cozy up on the balcony and watch for Ogopogo to make an appearance. The balcony is narrow, so if you're arriving with more than four you will have to sit at separate tables so the wait staff can serve you.

We usually grab a white-sangria and draft but there are quite a few cocktails and bottled beers available. The menu is pub style, offering a simple sampling of fresh and tasty fare. At the end of the day - it's a special place to have a bite, quench your thirst and relax lakeside.

Valley Vagabonds Inside Tip

Parking is limited so we usually find a spot on the boardwalk and stroll over. When we arrive by boat, we dock at the free marina which is one of the most endearing features of this enticing town.